Question: What do the icons at the top of the page mean?


1. Add Data - Here users can add data to the map in shapefile format, csv, kml, gpx and geojson. Provided these formats the user can overlay data or layer files to be displayed within the existing map.

2. Add Bookmark - Once your map is created you can bookmark the current view and come back to it the next time you sign in. 

3. eDraw - eDraw allows each user to customize their map by dropping points, drawing lines, circles, polygons, and or add text.

4. Query Tool - The most powerful tool in the SA Connect toolkit, The Query Tool allows users to search for properties based on specific criteria. Click on the icon and users are prompted to select the criteria they're looking for as related to property or infrastructure. Once selected, users are guided to select in further detail the specifics of their property search. Completed, users will click "Apply" and the SA Connect tool will highlight matching parcels of land that meet the selected search criteria. 

5. Measurement Tool - This tool allows the user to measure distance, area, and locational distance (latitude & longitude).

6. Print - Provides the ability to print your custom map in a number of formats and layouts. 

7. FAQ - Allows the user to quickly contact the SAEDF with any assistance and or inquiries. 

8. Basemap Gallery - Provides users to switch basemap imagery for a truly customized experience. 

Question: How do I navigate the map?


1. Search bar - Allows users to enter a specific location and navigate to it.

2. Zoom In / Zoom Out - This allows the user to zoom in and out of the map tool. 

3. Home Button - Provides a simple button to return to the map's default starting extent.

4. My Location Button - allows the network to detect your physical location and zoom the map to it. The location can be highlighted if necessary.

5. Next Extent / Last Extent Buttons - acts like a undo and redo when it comes to zoom commands. Zoomed out too soon? Just click the  Next Extent or Last Extent and it will take you right back to where you were.